Sunday, June 19, 2011

Link Dump 4

Speak truth

Bare Metal OS

Grad School Info

Cellular Automata Sequencer

Controlling Ableton live with ipod or ipad. An uphill battle to get it to work, but very cool when it does.

Mathematics Visualizations

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Link Dump 2

So some of you (ahaha there's no one here...) might notice that my last post was in December. Well the reason being is that I've been traveling through Europe for the past two, verging on three months. I have had neither the time nor the inclination to post anything. So to get to this nonsense going again i'm going to do another link dump. I'll write some content in the near future, i get back to the U.S. in a week or so and should have something up shortly thereafter.

You mean challenging yourself mentally in multiple areas can cause you to increase your intelligence, or ward off the mental decline that comes with old age? Who would have thought.

This about sums up my feelings on the topic.

The time isn't here yet, but for a lot of these, i fear it may be fast approaching.

NIN footage confused for snuff film, expose by the ever objective HARD COPY.

This makes a lot more sense to me than the slow internet movement. Though i will never take part in it, mostly because I'm old enough to have written reports for school on a typewriter. When your only option is a typewriter and everyone else is using a computer it's not nearly as fun. I think that for some of these people it's an honest interest, but i suspect most of them are simply technologically slumming for whatever reason.

This picture is at once amazing, terrifying, and sad, it's of Mexico city.

The shining as an art piece structured specifically for the interplay between time and space.

That's it for the moment. I've got to be better about organizing and putting thoughts to "paper". I feel like i lose a lot of ideas simply because i think about them but never bother to work on them. I will seek to remedy this behavior by way of this blog.

A parting shot before i go; My significant other is currently looking up bridal things (we're getting married in October) and she says she's run across a large amount of links and articles about planning weddings and making your own dress etc... This of course is not surprising but what is that she started noticing some odd things about a lot of these sites, and it turns out tons of them are run by the LDS, or as they are usually called: the Mormons. Why do they (the Mormons) have so many websites about weddings? Why are so many of them detailing short timeline wedding planning, ie: "Planning a wedding in under 6 months." Curious if nothing else.